Frequently asked questions


How Does Plant-Based Dog Food Enhance The Health Of Your Dog?

The most common signs you will see when you transition your dog to the delicious foods that we stock...

- Their fur will become finer and much much softer

- They lose that meaty smelly dog breath and even what comes out the other end smells so much better!

- If your dog suffers from painful digestive and skin issues due to animal protein and wheat gluten intolerances, then our clean plant protein grain-free and soya-free foods are ideal for them to reduce all their discomfort

- Behaviour issues and anxiety can be better controlled by providing a diet rich in nutrients to feed your dog's good gut bacteria and healthy 5-a-day which has a natural calming effect and enhances their digestive and overall health

- You are finally able to feed a diet to your dog that you have chosen for yourself where no animals or marine life are harmed or exploited and you are not supporting the animal agriculture industry in any way!

- Everything about feeding plant-based protects our environment and natural resources and the best bit is that your dog will love it



How do I transition my dog to a plant-based diet and will they like it?

Your dog will love the foods that we stock. We have various delicious brands of dry food as well as very tasty tinned foods full of natural plant powered goodness.

Transition your dog to the new food to get their gut microbiome used to the healthy increase in natural fibre by decreasing the amount of their previous food and increasing the amount of their new food over about 10 days - 2 weeks. Little and often if your dog has a very sensitive digestion.

Many dogs do adapt to the food straight away without any transition needed at all!


Which of your hypoallergenic foods is best for my dog?

We have provided you with a range of the very best grain and soya-free foods that we could source (some are even imported from top companies in Italy and Germany) to offer you the choice when feeding your dog with a sensitive digestion, or whether you just want to feed your dog a kinder more sustainable and natural diet.

If your dog suffers from no intolerances at all, then you can choose any of the foods from our range as they have all been taste-tested by our plant powered vet's dog Ruff, and he loves them all!

We offer sample boxes of our top foods to see which your dog likes the most, and if you are really unsure which to choose, then please fill out this form and we can help you as best we can.

For dogs with skin sensitivities and itchy skins an ears, please read this vet blog, and for dogs suffering from IBD with painful and sensitive digestion, please read this vet blog to help guide you.