Dr Arielle Griffiths Plant Powered Vet and Ruff Plant Powered Dog
“I believe in a kinder, healthier way to feed our dogs that does no damage to our environment, harms no animals and uses fresh, healthy plant-based ingredients for a balanced, wholesome and delicious diet” - Dr Arielle Griffiths Plant Powered Vet and Ruff Plant Powered family dog 

Just Be Kind Dog Food is the Solution

When I chose to change both myself and our little family dog Ruff onto a vegan diet 5 years ago, little did I know what an overwhelming impact it would have on my life so late in my career. I had been a vet for 25 years and I never questioned nutrition as being the main focus of health in both us and our dogs. We are only taught as vets to treat with medicine and corporate owned meat-based pet foods.

One fateful day in 2018 working as a GP vet where I had 4 dogs and cats to put to sleep due to obesity related issues, made me return home to my family (all in the medical profession) and really question where we were going wrong with how we fed our dogs!

Inspired by my vegan son, I changed my diet overnight and announced to my vet husband that I was going to find the best vegan food for Ruff. My journey had begun and how I wish I had made this change and knew what I know now at the start of my career, or even earlier! Just be Kind was born and is dedicated to improving the lives of all our dogs with the help of nutritionally complete and delicious plant-based diets.

Working closely with vet Prof Andrew Knight as well as top nutritionists and ethical pet food companies, I have now helped thousands of dog lovers transition their dogs to a natural and balanced plant-based diet which enhances their health through nutrition. Common health issues that can be resolved easily and safely through feeding your dog a plant-based diet as shown by all intensive recent research include:

*Digestive problems*

*Itchy skin issues*

*Inflammatory concerns*

*Joint pain and weight management*

I believe that a wholesome and delicious plant-based diet allows us to better care for our dogs as well as contribute to making ever more environmentally conscious and sustainable cruelty-free decisions, without being influenced by large corporate pet food companies who may not always have your pet’s health at heart as we do.

We remain a small family run independent business and we are passionate about helping you find the best way to feed your dog kindly and naturally, and of course we want them to love their food as much our little Ruff does!

“If nobody changes then nothing changes but if somebody changes then everything changes!”

- Dr Arielle Griffiths Plant Powered Vet

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