Brave Breta Survived Cancer

Breta the Labrador is now way past all predictions of healthy survival with her cancer and she is still going strong!

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Brave Breta Survived Cancer

Here is a query I received in September 2020 from concerned Mum Annie about her gorgeous girl Breta

“My Labrador Breta recently had a 2cm malignant melanoma removed from her hard palate. Histology showed that the margins were clean and a CT scan of her chest and biopsies of the lymph glands showed no spread as yet. However, I have been informed that spread and death are inevitable.

I am vegan and am very aware of the cancer growth-promoting properties of meat. I wish to convert her to a vegan diet in order to give her the best chance of a longer life expectancy. Could you comment and also recommend a particular brand, please?

She was a rescue and I have only had her for 10 months. I have been feeding her the Science Diet. Thank you, Annie”

Annie also kindly sent us this heartbreaking photo of Breta when she first rescued her

Breta Labrador used as a breeding dog before started on a healthy

“I just thought I would show you this picture of Breta. It was the day I bought her in November 2019 from a man who professed to be a game keeper. She was a trained gun dog and had had goodness knows how many litters. She had burn marks on the tips of her ears, was filthy, stank to high heaven and was extremely nervous.

I just couldn’t leave her with him. I cried all the way home, which was 100 miles away. Although it was supposed to be a purchase, I always feel it was a rescue. It took a whole year of gradually relaxing and trusting to become the well-adjusted, happy soul that she is today.

The cancer was such a cruel blow, but I hope she will live for years and have all the love and happiness she deserves, along with scrumptious vegan food!”

Well Annie's hope has been realised as she sent us this update in September 2022

“Breta continues to do well. The vet oncologist was surprised to see her in September, stating that she wished that all her patients came for a second booster.

She said, ‘Hello, Wonder dog!’ I am hoping that she will be back for her third cancer booster in March and be one of 2% that make it to two years after diagnosis!

So far, she seems perfectly well and walks 4 – 5 miles per day with me, so fingers crossed (and she just LOVES her Solo Vegetal food as does Roman shown below who has now transitioned to plant-based too). 😊

Vegan Labradors Breta and Roman go for 5 mile walks!

 Update April 2024 from Annie (now almost 4 years since she had her cancer diagnosis and has been plant-based!!)

"Almost 4 years on and Breta is doing so well. She had a lump on her hock which turned out to be a benign vascular tumour. She also had a full body CT scan which was clear! She was having Omnicept injections every six months but it has been unavailable since her last dose in April 2023.

She is just treated to lots of love, lovely wood walks and of course, Solo Vegetal!

With love,  Annie 

Breta the Labrador is now way past all predictions of healthy survival with her cancer and she is still going strong!

 Breta in April 2024 showing her shaved hock from the benign lump removal - she certainly is a Wonderdog and we couldn't be happier hearing how well she is doing!

Listen to Breta's Mum Annie in the video below taken in Sept 2022

READ MORE HERE - Do vegan diets protect our dogs against cancer? "I feed my own dog Jumble a plant-based diet as I believe that this diet will reduce his risk of cancer and help reduce climate change." - Prof Clare Knottenbelt



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