Top Reasons to Feed a Healthy Plant-Based Dog Food Diet

The main reason to feed a plant-based diet to your dog is that the foods are SO palatable that your dog will absolutely LOVE it!!

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Top Reasons to Feed a Healthy Plant-Based Dog Food Diet
Prof Andrew Knight and colleagues published a groundbreaking research paper on the 13th April 2022 that stated from the findings of 2639 dogs, that “the pooled evidence to date indicates that the healthiest and least hazardous dietary choices for dogs, are nutritionally sound vegan diets.” Read more about this groundbreaking published paper here
Listen to Jeremy Vine explaining on Channel 5 TV in October 2023 how published studies show that if all the dogs in world went plant-based, it would save more greenhouse gases than all those emitted by the UK - staggering statistics that could save our fragile planet Read more about these statistics here
You can have loving licks from your dog safe in the knowledge that their kisses carry no harmful bacteria found in raw meat or even meat-based dog biscuits that are coated with 'digest' to make them more palatable, but all meat products carry risks. Our dogs can safely eat what we are eating.....and enjoy it as much as we do.
Dogs need protein and nutrients, not meat, and the essential amino acids can all be obtained from natural sources such as lentils, beans, quinoa and tofu that contain not only proteins, but vitamins A, K and B and iron, potassium, magnesium, and they are high in fibre. These are all essential natural nutrients that will benefit and enhance the quality of life of our pets.
A plant-based diet compared to high meat-based diets, are low in saturated fats that fully support dogs prone to pancreatitis. Plant-based diets also offer the best diets for heart health, if they are properly balanced with the valuable addition of Taurine and Vit B for heart muscle function as well as pure Omega 3 from Algae oil (where fish get their Omega 3's from).
A healthy gut is key to your dog's health, with 70% of the immune system found in the intestines. Plant-based diets made with natural prebiotics and fibre provide all the elements to feed your dog's immune system and produce a healthy and balanced gut microbiome. Our Give A Dog A Bean tinned food is the closest you will get to a wholefood homemade diet for your dog with at least 5 of their daily vegetables visible in the tin!
A truly novel protein diet made of 100% plants with no soya and corn as found in the premium dry food Green Crunch, Greta or Solo Vegetal or for dogs with environmental mite allergies, then our Give A Dog A Bean tinned food is best. Along with the homemade recipes that we provide; this is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to manage all those pets with chronic itching and scratching due to food intolerances from the top allergens in dogs - none of which are found in a balanced plant-based diet. Your dog will be able to stay on this diet for life and not have to endure unpalatable and very processed hydrolysed prescription diets.
We all tend to treat our dogs and overfeed them on foods they love that are often not good for them and so many of our pets are overweight. Carrying extra weight in our loved pets, puts extra strain on their joints as well as affecting their breathing, heart and energy levels and makes them more predisposed to cancer. Plant-based diets are low in fats and high in fibre and you can visibly see the excess weight just drop off and the energy levels increase after just a few weeks on a healthy plant-rich diet.
It is ethically better and so much kinder, as it doesn't require hundreds of other animals to die over the course of one favoured dog's lifetime, just to keep your one pet alive.
You will sleep better at night as you are doing what is right to protect our fragile planet. A dog's carbon footprint on a meat-based diet is the same as driving a 4x4 over a year!
'Bramble The Dog Who Wanted To Live Forever' holds the record for the oldest dog in the UK as she lived until the wonderful age of 25 on a diet of brown rice and lentils and fresh homegrown vegetables. Bramble’s owner is Anne Heritage – a devoted vegan and animal lover growing up in the North West of England in the 70's. In her words she not only had Bramble, but “I’ve had seven dogs – three of them lived to 19-years-old, one lived to 20-years-old, and then Bramble lived to 25-years-old.”
Remarkable  - and all fed a plant-based natural diet!
The main reason to feed a plant-based diet to your dog is that the foods are SO palatable that your dog will absolutely LOVE it!!
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