Weaning Pixie and Winnie off Apoquel

"We can’t thank you enough for all your help, advice and for providing such excellent products for our very loved Cockapoos"

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Itchy Cockapoo Winnie with Solo Vegetal and Greta
Cockapoos with itchy skin that transformed eating Greta and Solo Vegetal
“We had a teleconsult with Arielle a few months ago that was super helpful. Our dogs (very loved and fussy Cockapoos – Pixie and Winnie) have both transitioned over to a mix of Greta and Solo kibble and home cooked food is a work in progress.
Winnie had never had good poos and had associated anal gland problems – but she and Pixie now have brilliant poos and all seems well with anal glands now too!

Thank you so much!! We are also using your Omega oil and CLX wipes for their constant itching and chewing of their paws.

So far, we have taken Winnie off Apoquel which we are thrilled with as you made us aware of the side effects; and just using CLX wipes and Piriton (which we are hoping to wean her off too). We are aiming to do the same with Pixie – along with giving just the Solo/Greta, Omega oil and use the wipes everyday on her paws and where she scratches and licks. Thank you for the tip of cutting the CLX wipes into 4 to make them last longer.

We are so happy they are enjoying plant-based food! Arielle made a great observation that Cockapoos are intelligent and like to work for their food – so instead of placing the food in their bowls – we offer them fun training sessions morning and evening with the kibble.

They also enjoy handfuls of kibble on their twice daily walks – so they have 4 smaller meals spaced out through the day as part of fun enrichment activities – instead of larger morning and evening meals. Winnie never really liked eating from her bowl so this approach suits her much better. The biscuits smell lovely and we don’t mind having them in our pockets on the walks.

We can’t thank you enough for all your help, advice and for providing such excellent products. Thank you for helping create a kinder world, for all beings everywhere.”

Vegan Cockapoo with itchy skin eats Solo Vegetal and Give A Dog A Bean

“Just wanted to say thank you for developing “give a dog a bean” dog food. Our very picky cockapoos LOVE it – even though they won’t touch any other canned vegan dog food (we tried them all!).
It is very reassuring to know you developed this food yourself – as a vet with so much expertise in how nutrition affects health. Your expertise, advice and range of dog foods have already helped our dogs to come off apoquel – and Winnie is now medication free!
We are delighted to be able to feed our dogs canned food as well as the kibble they also love. We can’t thank you enough! Many thanks and kindest regards from our little vegan family 😊"
- Jacqui, Winnie and Pixie
“If nobody changes then nothing changes, but if somebody changes then everything changes”
Dr Arielle Griffiths Vegan Vet
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