Betty the Staffy Survived Lymphoma!

Betty is still absolutely thriving 1.5 years after her terminal diagnosis of lymphoma. See what Betty eats.....

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Betty the Staffy Survived Lymphoma!

I have learnt just SO much from the wonderfully inspiring Kate and her equally as inspiring sweet elderly Staffy Betty. Both had their lives turned around on a wholefood plant-based diet!

Kate Dunbar runs marathons now that she eats a vegan wholefood diet and before could not even run
Kate is such an important Ambassador for the doctors group Plant-Based Health Professionals as she has been able to reverse her own chronic inflammatory arthritis on a wholefood plant-based diet. She was almost unable to walk at one point and she now regularly runs marathons (all with a huge smile on her face).
I interviewed Kate for our Plant Powered Paws Podcast as both her story and Staffy Betty's story is too important not to share.

"Thank you Lovely Arielle for asking me to talk about our little Betty and her health journey with lymphoma . She is still absolutely thriving 1 full year and 8 months post her diagnosis and being given 4-6 weeks to live with no meds or 6-8 weeks with steroids! (which we didn't do - we just transitioned her to a wholefood plant-based diet)!

(May 2024) Betty has just been for a checkup at the vets as she is now 1 year and 8 months post terminal lymphoma diagnosis. 💪

She astounded the vet by being very nosey and trying to follow him when he disappeared up a corridor, and then chasing her tail when he returned. She was VERY happy to see him!

She loves going to the vet because before she became a Plant-based doggie she had countless ear infections every year/few months including once a massive blood blister. She knows the vet helps her get better. (Usually!)

My vet was completely delighted and absolutely astonished.... and much more open to the idea of vegan dog food for optimal health (hurrah!) where he was somewhat hostile before tbh.

He couldn't believe it and said that normally it's 2 weeks at most that dogs have to survive lymphoma without any form of treatment. Betty never got that memo and isn't ready to go just yet! She has a whole summer in the garden to look forward to!'🐾🙌



What does Betty eat?

Kate was feeding Betty a mixture of foods when she was initially diagnosed with lymphoma. She had dried Solo Vegetal and Omni and was eating tinned Benevo before Give A Dog A Bean had launched.

Betty the Staffy survived lymphoma and she eats Give A Dog A Bean

Kate read the cancer section in Diana Laverdure-Dunetz's book The Plant Powered Dog where she had the inspiration to add in these fresh raw ingredients to Betty's diet daily -

  • Plant Powered Dog book by Diana Laverdure-Dunetz
  • Blueberries
  • Carrots
  • Apple
  • Mango
  • Red Pepper
  • Soya beans (can use tempeh)
  • Turkey tail mushroom powder
  • Pinch of kelp
  • Sliver of garlic
  • Walnuts
  • Chia ground
  • Flaxseeds

All blended together or chopped up really small and added to Betty's food and she absolutely loves it according to Kate!

The other secret to Betty's amazing survival rate, is that Kate's daughter who is a water scientist; did her research about a flea collar that Betty had around her neck at the time. The side effect of these flea collars is the development of lymphomas and as Kate explains in the podcast below, there are lawsuits in the US against these companies as these flea collars carry these dangers!

What a remarkable story and we thank Kate for sharing everything with us as we all have so much to learn from each other 🙌


“If nobody changes then nothing changes, but if somebody changes then everything changes”
Dr Arielle Griffiths Vegan Vet
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