Alfie's the Vegan Toodle's Story

Within two weeks of his Vegan diet, Alfie was like a new dog the difference was amazing no more medication or antibiotics...

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Vegan Cockapoo with owner who survived cancer and is thriving on Green Crunch

"I have just read the story of Betty the Staffy surviving lymphoma …my dog Alfie a Toodle (Tibetan Terrier and Toy Poodle mix) was two years old when he developed a massive tumour in his bowel the size of a satsuma and it had started to rupture.

He had a 3 hour emergency surgery and bowel resection but he also had 6 months of chemo as they only gave him weeks to live

17 months on and Alfie is thriving! He eats plant-based butternut box and green crunch kibble as well as taking turmeric, vit c and turkey tail powder and pre and pro biotics.

All the other dogs being treated with Alfie at the time have all passed away …the oncologist treating him is stunned and said it’s very unusual! He has one more scan then will be classed as in remission we are absolutely delighted.

Not only that, but being a vegan dog has transformed his life …he was very sick as a puppy and after a blood test for allergies it was found he was allergic to meat and lots of grains plus soya ..within two weeks of his Vegan diet he was like a new dog the difference was amazing no more medication or antibiotics..he’s thriving and thank you SO much"

Kind regards Kath and Alfie xx

Such an inspiring story that makes us at Just Be Kind SO happy and we feel so fortunate to be importing Green Crunch from Germany for all your dogs in the UK!

Vegan Cockapoo sitting next to Green Crunch imported into the UK from Germany



Crude protein 23%, crude fat 7.5%, crude fibre 3.3%, crude ash 6.3%, moisture 8%, calcium 0.8%, phosphorus 0.4%, Ca:P ratio 2.0:1 Purine content: 40mg/100g

Green Crunch has been fortified with Methionine, Taurine, and L-Carnitine, vital for heart and skin health. It contains Omega 3 from Algae, not from fish which excludes all the toxic heavy metal build up known to be in fish products.
Like all the adult foods we stock, Green Crunch is free from genetically modified SOYA and genetically modified grains and corn which can cause issues in sensitive dogs which is what makes it ideal for dogs like Alfie who needs the purest diet possible to stay in full remission!

Let's compare the pure natural ingredients shown above in Green Crunch to the highly processed ingredients in Purina HA dried food (taken off the Purina website)


Purina HA Ingredients made of highly processed genetically modified corn and soya



“If nobody changes then nothing changes, but if somebody changes then everything changes”
Dr Arielle Griffiths Vegan Vet (Read about us here)
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