Her ears smell just like Cheesy Wotsits!

Feeding cheese to dogs can be a leading cause of itchy yeasty infected ears in your dog!

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Her ears smell just like Cheesy Wotsits!
A client’s sweet daughter really made me smile at work today. The pregnant Mum came in with her young daughter and son who never looked up from his phone; he just sat on my chair and continued to be engrossed in the game he was playing.
His sister could not be more different. She was fascinated with what I was saying about their young Retriever Matilda who was only 1 year old and already had severe skin allergies.

When I looked in the Matilda’s ears and they were all waxy with the sweet familiar smell of yeast, the little daughter suddenly said – “Cheesy Wotsits – she smells just like Cheesy Wotsits”

I had to laugh as she was quite right – that is exactly what yeasty, infected dog ears smell like, and children can always be relied upon in a consultation to give honest and clear interpretations!

(This was written in June 2019 when I was consulting pre pandemic and I had only just transitioned both myself and our little family dog Ruff to a vegan diet….how much I have learnt since then!)



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 The main cause of itchy ears in dogs is when they are fed cheese

Almost all dogs suffer from a lactose intolerance which makes sense as adult dogs do not have the enzymes to digest any milk products meant for calves. Dairy is very inflammatory in dogs and starts the cycle of scratching which then leads to a build up of ear wax. Bacteria love the warm damp environment of excess ear wax and they multiply, closely followed by yeast infections. This all starts with giving cheese!


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 Most medication is given to dogs in cheese!

This is the most basic tip that I have to pass on to ALL vets and vet nurses…..always advise when giving medication, especially medication for skin or ear allergies, that it is NOT given in cheese as this counteracts all the effects of the medication!!


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 Give yourself a month with no cheese and no vegan cheese

Like most people who go vegan, giving up cheese is the hardest part as the protein found in cheese comes from casein which, during digestion, releases casomorphins, a substance very chemically similar to opioids. After a month the craving for casein goes, and only start to introduce  vegan cheeses then, or you will not appreciate them fully. Our dogs get the same dopamine release from the opioids as we do if fed cheese regularly.


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 Dogs can be fed vegan cheese and they don't notice the difference

The sudden boom in vegan cheese is just so helpful and inspiring for us at the same time! Some people choose to make their own ‘cheeses’ with cashew nuts, while a look at the cheese aisle in any supermarket now reveals an array of amazing cheeses that your dog will just love as high value treats (in moderation as they are high fat and high salt:)


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 All dairy products contain the same DNA as beef

As all dairy products are produced by a cow, they will have her DNA in the protein molecules, so any dogs with a severe intolerance to meat protein must be fed NO dairy products, so ideal for them to go vegan!


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 Stop your dog licking out those yoghurt pots

So many dogs are given the luxury of licking out the yoghurt or creme fraiche or even ice cream tubs! Remember that your dog will react to these as much as they will to a bit of cheese. Just substitute these with coconut yoghurts, or plant-based yoghurts – just as delicious to us and to them:)


Veganism is not about food. It’s about love and respect for life itself


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  Our dogs should NOT be contributing to an industry that is so cruel

We love our dogs more than anything. If you consider that the bond that a cow has with her calf is as strong as the love that we have for our dogs. But year after year dairy cows are impregnated artificially to be able to produce milk and then have their calves forcibly removed from them very soon after birth so that their precious milk is used for human greed day after day….that is enough to make anyone go vegan.

Thank goodness for vegan dog food and the fact that dogs thrive on it, so that they can join us on the kindest and healthiest choice we can possibly make:)

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