Solo Vegetal - 24 Tins

Solo Vegetal hypoallergenic tinned food is specially formulated for dogs with sensitivities to animal proteins. It's recommended as a complete food when paired with Solo Vegetal dry food or any of the dry foods in our selection.

Although Solo Vegetal tinned food is highly palatable and easily digestible, it does not contain the amino acid Methionine, which helps to acidify the urinary and digestive tract, so can be fed to dogs with concerns about oxalate crystals or kidney issues.

Highly palatable and no soya or wheat.

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  • Hypoallergenic
  • Solo Vegetal
  • Solo Vegetal 24 pack
  • Dog sniffing solo vegetal can
  • Solo Vegetal 24 pack
  • Dog sniffing solo vegetal can

More about Solo Vegetal


Imported from Italy by Nextmune

We have chosen to stock Solo Vegetal tinned food as it is highly palatable and imported from Italy by dermatology company Nextmune UK to stock in veterinary practices.



White and red beans 20%, carrots, peas 10%, potatoes 10%, lentils, sunflower vegetable oil, pea protein, minerals, dry pineapple stem extract 0.01%

Moisture 66%, Crude Protein 9.0%*, Fat Content 6.5%, Crude Fibre 1.5%, Ash 2.8%
*26.5% protein on a dry matter basis

3a672a Vitamin A 4050 UI; 3a671 Vitamin D3 240 UI; 3a700 Vitamin E 18mg; 3b605 Zinc sulphate monohydrate (zinc 30mg/kg); 3b405 Pentahydrate cupric sulphate (copper 1.5mg/kg); 3a370 Taurine 700mg



The dosage may vary depending on needs. For dogs over 12 months of age. Serve at room temperature or slightly warm up. Store in a fridge after opening and use within 48-72 hours. Always ensure fresh water is available.

It is advised to feed the tinned Solo Vegetal food with dry Solo Vegetal as it is the only food we stock that is not complete as it contains no additional Methionine.

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