SURGE IN SALES of Premium Soya-Free Vegan Dog Food!

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SURGE IN SALES of Premium Soya-Free Vegan Dog Food!

We have experienced an unprecedented demand for top quality and grain and soya-free vegan dog food since the start of 2024. It gives us such enormous hope for our future! In the first 5 days of the year, all of the stock of Solo Vegetal dry biscuits sold out!

This was closely followed by our recently launched Give A Dog A Bean tinned food that sold all 10000 tins in the first 2 months since its launch in November 2023!

We are SO pleased to announce that we have now have Solo Vegetal 10kg dry food back in stock as well as Solo Vegetal tinned food in our brand new website!!

What has been the reason for this growing demand for vegan dog food?

Over 10 published studies highlighting the benefits of vegan diets in dogs resulting in longevity and better health dog
Awareness of the need to reduce our meat consumption to protect our biodiversity and the best way to do this is to adopt a plant-based diet
Ethical concerns amongst animal lovers wanting to not support the meat and fishing industry in anyway for themselves and their dogs
Awareness amongst vets in the UK using these diets to manage dogs long term with IBD and atopic skin conditions
Rise in concern about raw meat-based diseases being transmitted to family members and the environment with devastating consequences
Growing knowledge about the many benefits of a natural plant-based diet on the gut microbiome and digestive health of both humans and their dogs and a need to move from highly processed meat-based foods
*Please note that to meet this growing demand, we now also stock 2 new products for your dogs – OMNI Sensitivity that is very similar to Solo Vegetal, as well as 10kg Green Crunch and 14kg Greta. We found that so many of you who have bought Green Crunch and Greta  for your dogs have realised that it is one you would like to buy long term at a more cost-effective price.*
More and more dogs rely on these high quality soya-free foods, especially those many dogs in the UK that suffer from an intolerance and digestive issues with soya and grain rich diets.
We are here to ensure that your dogs receive the very best just as we want for our own family dog Ruff, so we have sourced the very best for you!
Thank you for doing the very kindest thing for your dog and the environment and we will continue to support you as best we can!
Dr Arielle Griffiths MRCVS and Ruff Plant Powered Dog
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