Give A Dog A Bean Is SO Tasty!

"I have never seen such a manic reaction from two lazy dogs, they scoffed Give A Dog A Bean as if this was the first meal they’ve had in a...

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Give A Dog A Bean Is SO Tasty!
Chosen for its amazing nutritional value and wow does it taste good as shown by these reviews below!

April just loves Give A Dog A Bean!


“Well so much for me thinking that this will be so useful as a back-up to my home cooking. I have never seen such a manic reaction from two lazy dogs, they must have smelled the food after their they came through the front door and the two of them raced through the hall into the kitchen nearly knocking me over, they scoffed Give a Dog a Bean as if this was the first meal they’ve had in a long time.
I wish you could have been here to see them, it really was hilarious they were like dogs possessed, licking their bowls then swapping bowls.
Unbelievable, the last time they’ve run like this must have been when they were racing😂😂 I’d better get some more Give a Dog a Bean ordered – done!”
– Cathy
Boston loves give a dog a bean vegan tinned food
“Boston loved the tinned food and woofed it down in one go. It’s actually the best smelling dog food ever. Impressive stuff, so very well done for creating this lovely product!”
- Susy Boston's Mum Swindon
Starla loves give a dog a bean
“Thought you’d like this photo of Starla’s reaction to the new food. Well….she wouldn’t even wait for it to hit the bowl as I scooped it out the tin, she was licking it out the can as soon as I opened it and then off the spoon. Really didn’t give me a chance to dish it in the bowl. I’ve actually never seen her react to food like this before. She’s normally so reserved – she REALLY loves this one!“
- Bronwyn Starla's Mum Somerset
Cockapoo vegan loves Give A Dog A bean
“Just to say that, as usual, my order from you came very quickly and tonight I was able to feed the boys their tasty Give A Dog A Bean. They loved it! Pepe generally eats most of his food but usually leaves some in the bowl. Tonight, he not only finished his own, but kept going back to both his and George’s bowls to see if there was more! George had finished his in seconds too! So, a couple of very happy boys – and a happy dad too, because of the high quality ingredients etc in the food. Well done!”
- Terry Pepe and George's Dad Worthing
Carly and Muffin vegan dogs on beach
Carly and Muffin LOVE “Give a Dog a Bean”.
They gobbled it up and then licked their dishes completely clean.
Thank you so much for making it.
- Heather Carly and Muffin's Mum Wales
Vegan Griffon De Bruxellois living in Wales and loves Give A Dog A Bean

 “Thank you for producing “Give A Dog A Bean” tinned food, it has been much appreciated. So here is our genuine feedback. On opening the tin there was a pleasing aroma and I liked that was not runny and found the consistency excellent and to be able see the ingredients very appealing. It is clear a great deal of thought has gone into this product. I did wonder how Manny would take to it being raw fed, and he can be suspicious and stubborn at times. “Give A Dog A Bean” was very well received by Manny and seemed gentle on his tummy, and his stools were excellent so all very positive!”

 - Clover Manny's Dad Wales

Vegan Cockapoo really likes Give A Dog A Bean

“Bella really liked the smell of your new wet food and ate it all quickly. We are pleasantly surprised because she can be very fussy demanding and stubborn with her palate. She was even waiting around and sniffing for more!”

- Ricco Bella's Dad



As a family of vets, we wanted the best for our own dog Ruff and so we developed GIVE A DOG A BEAN, and felt that we had to share it with all your dogs too!
Strongly recommended as a complete vegan dog food formulated by vets and nutritionists with the important addition of Methionine, Taurine and L-Carnitine as well as plant-based Vit D3 for heart and skin health.
GIVE A DOG A BEAN is free from emulsifiers, flavourants, fillers and preservatives.

It contains a unique blend of Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Hemp Seeds, Faba Bean Protein, Carrots, Pumpkin Seeds, Papaya, Sunflower Seeds, Blueberries, Kidney Beans, Safflower Oil, Quinoa, Kale, Psyllium Husks, Algae and Chamomile to offer your dog a complete wet food with all the necessary protein, vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to be healthy and happy. 


Dr Arielle and Ruff telling the nation about Give A Dog A Bean on national TV!! Channel 5 Jeremy Vine show wanted proof that a dog could love a vegan diet. We opened a tin of Give A Dog A Bean live on TV and Ruff loves it SO much that he spent the entire interview with his back to the camera just staring at his food! 😂





“If nobody changes then nothing changes, but if somebody changes then everything changes”
Dr Arielle Griffiths Vegan Vet (Read about us here)
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